chateau auzias en chine

Chateau Reifeng-Auzias was born from the collaboration between Dominique Auzias, editor for tourism guides and owner of Chateau Auzias, Michel Behar, financial expert and international jurist, and Wu Feng and his wife Mei Ling who run a chinese oil company and are passionate about wine. The vineyard has been built on a peninsula in the shandong province, two steps away from the city of Penglaï. from where Wu Feng comes from.


The local management is left to the chinese team and the chateau Auzias provides technical support.


In 2003, 23 hectares weres planted: 10 hectares of Syrah, as many of Cabernet Franc and 3ha de Chardonnay. The vineyard that is bordered by the Yellow Sea benefits from a temperate climate, from a pluviometry and from a sunshine that facilitate the growth of quality grapes. It is located on an excellent clay and limestone terroir ful and sand, on the same latitude line as Barcelona.


We had to wait until 2007 for the first harvest.


Chateau Reifeng-Auzias produces a white wine and two red wines, the first dominant is Cabernet France, the second dominant is Syrah. This production is mostly intended to satisfy local markets and high purchasing power segments.






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