« Make good wines – Do not lie about quality – Have simple ideas and apply them scrupulously ».

These are the recommendations left in 1872 by Emile and Léon AUZIAS and the team of chateau Auzias tries to follow daily.

The chateau auzias is overall a family estate supported by a passionate, motivated and cohesive team :


  • Benjamin Baudry, General Manager
  • Nicolas Michel, Vinayard manager
  • Sébastien Guilhaumou, cellar master
  • Céline Delmas, executive assistant


chateau auzias vigerons propriétaire ...


The family dimension of chateau Auzias and the respect of traditions ensure the craft's quality of our wines.
The brand strength - which has been developed with the same ardour from father to son since 1872 - forces us to propose flawless wines.
The willingness to innovate as well as the human and financial capital allocated to research and development help the Chateau Auzias wines to meet our buyer's quality and traceability requirements and to appeal to our consumers.

All theses values - put together with the constant respect for the environment and with the permanent thirst for conquest and for new markets in France and abroad (whatever could be the networks or distances) - is the roadbook of all the winegrowers and sales team that surround the Chateau Auzias manager.


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