People work with passion to look after the vineyard and nature is deeply respected.

The vineyard extends without interruption to around 160 hectares and it goes through two villages of Cabardès : Pennautier and Villemoustaussou, only two step away from Cité de Carcassonne and Canal du Midi. These two sites are labelled as patrimony of Humanity.

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The 80 hectares vineyard is composed of an exceptional clay and limestone terroir dating back several thousand years. On one side, there are hills covered by rolled pebbles (AOP Cabardès), at the foot of Montagne Noire. On the other side there are small plains bordered by the Fresquel river (Wine from the Cité de Carcassonne).

The Paretlongue vineyard was one of the first grapes "improver" to be planted in Languedoc.

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Already in 1953, a large part of the Paretlongue vineyard was dedicated to the growth of Merlot, Cabernet and Grenache while everyone in Languedoc swore only by high yield Carignan and Aramon.
Those three grapes still represent 70 % of the current Chateau Auzias.


17 ha : Merlot
17 ha : Cabernet franc
14 ha : Syrah
12 ha : Cabernet sauvignon
07 ha : Grenache
03 ha : Carignan
02 ha : Cinsault
02 ha : Malbec
02 ha : Marselan
01.50 ha : Chardonay
01.50 ha : Muscat P.G.
01 ha : Viognier

The Chateau Auzias grower make sure that grape growth respects the environment, nature and wildlife to produce their best wine : they abandoned chemical fertilizers, they created a weather station, they are limiting theuse of pesticides, they are using a mechanical trunk cleaner and they also reintroduced typhlodrome in the vineyard (natural predators, red and yellow spiders living in the vineyard that allow grower to avoid the use of insecticides)...

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