Cabardès, an exceptional terroir …

Located o, the gentle slopes of Montagne Noire, Cabardès is the most oriental southwestern vineyard and the most occidental vineyard of the Languedoc Roussillon region.

This transitional area between Aquitaine and Languedoc has an exceotional microclimate that benefits simultaneously from the sweet Atlantic weather and from the Mediterranean warmth.

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Influences at the same time by the Marin (esat wind) and the Cers (west wind), Cabardès is the only French Terroir in which you can grow Atlantic and Mediterranean grapes with optimal conditions. This dual influence where Cabernet and Merlot as well as Grenache and Syrah can blossom facilitates the production of incomparable wine that combine the power and richness of languedoc and the delicacy and freshness of bordeaux wines.

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Today, the historical sustainability of Chateau Auzias comes from the amazing success of its terroir which extends from the Montagne noire gravely hills to the Fresquel sandbanks. A success also due to the delicacy of the Atlantic and Mediterranean grapes, thanks to an exceptional microclimate with both east winds and west winds and to the men and women who dedicated their life to it.

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