The range of productsed by Chateau Auzias and the variety of clients force us to work slowly and gradually with extreme care.

vendage raisin vin languedoc france

During the grape harvest season, they take random berry samples daily - at the same time each day - in order to carry out a deep analysis to define their quality (sugar content, acidity, pH, ect.) and to monitor the sanitary status of the product. The results help us to make good decisions. Along with the assemblage, choosing the right dates for harvesting grapes is the hardest decision to take, whatever would be the analysis results. Eventually these decisions are made on instinct, usually at the latest possible time in order to have optimal quality berries.

vendangeurs vendage raisin vin languedoc france

The garpe picking generally begin after the equinoxes in order for the aromatic compounds and phenolic to be fully developed. Grapes are partially harvested by hand early in the morning to benefit from the freshness coming from Montagne Noire. Each grape is selected with care and sorted out according to their sanitary quality before being deseeded in the cellar.

vendanges aux chateau d'auzias carcassone
However, the harvesting machine remains : it allows us to take the risk to harvest later and gives the possibility to collect grape clusters very quickly even when the weather is bad.

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Because the winery is close, we can put grapes into vats in less than 10 minutes.

Then, the winemaking process is about to start.


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