Winemaking takes place in one of the biggest private cellar in Languedoc : more than 12 000 hl. cave chateau auzias tonneaux de vin

All our wines are processed using traditional winemaking techniques. For most of grapes, we use a pre-fermentation cold maceration in order to help the extraction process of colours, phenolic compounds and aroma precursors. Then, the alcoholic fermentation starts and will last 8 to 20 days depending on each vintage.During this process temperatures are checked carefully. Every day after tasting the must, numbers abd duration of pumping over are chosen. According to the expected extraction rate, unballasting is not exluded. When all sugard turns into alcohol, we rack the juices, we rack off and we press the berries. Then, the natural malolactic fermentation takes place and here starts the long period of wine aging.



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