cave chateau auzias tonneaux de vin

When the malolactique transformations are finished, a part of the wine is brought to the winery for barrel aging whereas another part will age in vats or even be corked after being bottled. During the aging process, wines are clarified by repeated and frequent racking. After the complicated alchemy of the blend of grape cariety, wines are chemically clarified with care.

boucon barrique

the wines are bottled in the chateau using a fixed bottling and labelling assembly line that is very flexible and gives customers the guarantees of origin they expect. The performance of our labelling assembly line helps customers to return corked bottles and allows us to put simultaneously labels, back labels (depending on the country to which the product will be exported) and wine labels attributed to our best wines.

chaine d embouteillage du vin du domaine d'auzias languedoc


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