There is no such thing as a great vineyard without history…


Thus, this Cabardès vineyard, located at the foot of the Montagne Noire, has been a landmark thanks to the exceptional success of the terroir products since the 5th century B.C.


histoire chateau auzias

The Auzias Domain, located two steps away from Cité de Carcassonne and Canal du Midi, is exploited by Chateau Auzias-Paretlongue in Cabardès, which story dates back to the beginning of the 12th century.

Some ancient writings mention a spendid gallo-roman villa and describe many battles that took place there.

The vineyard is very old because as early as in 1111, in the middle of the cathar period, the Carcassonne Chanoines founded the Notre Dame de Pareti-Logi abbey.

The Chanoines received royal privileges in 1111 , right after the Albigensian Crusade.

Since 1580, Paretlongue has been succeeded by illustrious families from Languedoc with Pierre de Boyer, Lord of Monclar and his nephew François de Roques.

In 1648, The king's counsellor Martin de Charmois is appointed Lord of Paretlongue.

His family remains the owner of the vineyard until the end of the 1st Empire.
At that time, the current castle and the huge caves were built.

During the revolution, remains of the Notre-Dame de Paretlongue church still exist and the parishioners from the neighbour village, called Pennautier, came to this place during one of tree Rogation days.

As early as in 1872, Léon and Emile Auzias developed, from Carcassonne, an important Languedoc wine business around the East of France region and created a brand labelled with their family name.


After the World War 1, a vinegrower from Paretlongue digged up a small but lovely statue of the Madonna and child during development works near the current cellar.
The statue, which was immediately brought to the parish church, is exposed in the chapel of Notre-Dame de Paretlongue where it can still be admired (on the left of the chapel).

In 1926, Eugène Castel - who was the first to introduce merlot and cabernet, atlantique grapes, at Paretlongue and in the Languedoc - discovered the foundation of an imposing gallo-romain style villa.
The main room is paved with a thin marble mosaic.


In 1998, the heirs of Auzias family extended the Paretlongue vineyard by taking over the Villedubert vineyard, an adjoining vineyard which belonged to their maternal grandmother.

Today, Nathalie and Dominique Auzias, surrounded by their four children, keep on extending the domain. They are restructuring the vineyard, redeveloping the cellar and developing a global commercial network.
They simply took over so the amazing story of Paretlongue can continue.

thus, over the ages, the successful family management of the big vineyard ensured its sustainability.

At the very beginning of this century and of the new millennium, Chateau Auzias-Paretlongue, particularly characteristic of Cabardès, is certainly one of the greatest private vineyard in the Languedoc region thanks to its 160 hectares.




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